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Goldens with Go!
Our upcoming litters are listed on this page. Also listed are litters sired by our boys.

Our golden puppies are home whelped and raised. They undergo early neurological stimulation from days 3-16 as well as early scent discrimination exercises and are heavily socialized throughout their 7 weeks with us. Their time indoors is spent in an enriching environment learning to navigate obstacles and tunnels, as well as being introduced to children, adults, household pets, crates and all the sights and sounds of the home environment. We also have several "nanny" dogs who help socialize the pups to adult dogs other than their dam.

Outside we take the puppies for walks (weather and age permitting) on our 18 1/2 acres. They are introduced to water, different types of cover, birds, and all types of sounds. We introduce feathers at 3-4 weeks and live birds at 6 weeks of age. Our puppies have also been for a few car rides before they travel to their new homes.

Our puppies have had their toenails trimmed regularly while with us. They have been wormed and have been vaccinated before leaving us for their new homes. Puppies come with a health warranty and are sold on a contract. Serious inquiries from working homes are welcome. A deposit is required to reserve a puppy. Deposits are non-refundable unless we are unable to provide you with a puppy. We do not sell puppies to professional field trainers or to brood bitch homes.

Litter planned for late spring/early summer 2017

Yeti X Shine

Shine will be bred to 4XGRHRCH Runs Creek's Be Ready For Yeti MH *** aka "Yeti" early this spring. We are very excited about this pedigree. It is about as open as you can get in field breedings and we feel that Yeti brings a lot to the table in terms of talent. Yeti X Shine pedigree and health clearance information We expect fast, stylish, birdie, red puppies with good water ethics and trainability.

Yeti is an amazing dog. He has passed 4 HRC Grand Hunts, as well as an AKC Master National and he is all age qualified. In addition Yeti is stable, good looking and a Cadillac gun dog.

"Shine" MACH2 Heads Up Shine On Crzy Diamond T2B, MXS, MJS, WC
Golden Retriever Agility Hall of Fame

Shine is a little dynamo ~ she is smart, fast, athletic and a ton of fun to train and trial. She has a wonderful temperament, loves people and is great with other dogs. She travels well and can easily adapt to any situation. Shine is very intelligent and willing, always eager to learn and work, but is oh-so-easy to have around. She is happy to cuddle on the couch, walk the neighborhood or tear it up on the agility course, just so long as she's with her people.

Shine finished her Master Agility Championship (MACH) in 11 months. With very limited fieldwork she easily qualified for her WC and she is ready to hit the fields this spring for her JH.

We look forward to all the future holds for this little dog ~ Shine On !

This litter will be whelped and raised by Jennifer DuRocher in Michigan using the Heads Up puppy raising method. Puppies will be $2500 USD - a $500 USD deposit is required to reserve a puppy. All puppies will be sold on a limited AKC registration. For more information please contact Jennifer at 586-246-4574. We are accepting reservations for males only at this time. There are no pet reservations available for this litter.

Shine is in season! with a breeding planned in mid August!

Litter planned for winter/spring 2018

Bart X Kimber

Glenda Brown, Bart's owner, has very kindly agreed to let us use frozen semen from Bart for this very special breeding. Both "Bart" and "Kimber" come from long lived, healthy lines. Temperament traits include biddabiity, intelligence and stability. If you are looking for a high energy, structurally and mentally sound puppy that loves to work, yet has an excellent "off" switch, this litter should interest you. These puppies will be up for any game you want to play! Bart X Kimber pedigree and health clearance information

"Bart" FC/AFC Glenhaven Htrs Mn Baronet FDHF OS

"Bart" was a beautiful dog whose record as a working dog and GRCA outstanding sire speaks for itself. We have been very impressed with the "Bart" offspring that we have seen and produced over the years. There is a very limited amount of frozen semen remaining from Bart.

"Kimber" Heads Up Lock and Load SH WCX

Kimber is training at the Master level. She earned her Senior title in 4 straight tests this past July and added an insurance leg. In addition she earned her WCX on her first try at the beginning of July. Quite a month! This will be Kimber's final litter. She is on the way to GRCA outstanding dam status from her first two breedings. She will resume her training for Master following this litter. She is an outstanding hunting dog, a loving companion and house dog, marks well and has good water ethics.

The puppies will be exposed to water, birds, car rides and be heavily socialized during their time with with their dam using the Heads Up Puppy raising program. Puppies will be $2800 USD - a $500 USD deposit is required to reserve a puppy. Inquiries welcome from experienced working homes. There are not any pet home reservations available for this litter.

Serious inquiries from working homes please contact Anne Everett 250-650-5690

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